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A walk in the woods - Beech Avenue to Grimsthorpe

A walk through woodland and open countryside to Grimsthorpe Lake

Auto-Trail V-Line 600 review

Full review of Auto-Trail's first van conversion

Bürstner Brevio T600

Full review of this load carrying motorhome with the folding bed

Wellhouse i800 Camper

Wellhouse Leisure's practical alternative to the VW California

Global Campers Début

Global's mini coachbuilt at Wellsbridge Motorhomes

Hobby Premium Van 65 GE

Hobby's new high-flyer

Knaus Van Ti 600 ME

The "van" that's actually a coachbuilt in-betweener

Pop goes the Corn Exchange

A look back to Bourne in the 1970s

Zander - the truth!

Horror, bloodlust, death and disaster

The idiot's guide to carp fishing in rivers - Part 1

My first forays into the the mystical art

The idiot's guide to carp fishing in rivers - Part 2

The Gates of Delirium

The idiot's guide to carp fishing in rivers - Part 3

A day at the seaside

The idiot's guide to carp fishing in rivers - Part 4

The bridge

Of pongs and birdmen

A nostalgic look at fishing in the raw

Midnight madness on murder mile

The highs and lows of carping beside Route 666

24 hours in New Hall

The terror and embarrassment of my first day as a student

The tunnel

Hunting for sticklebacks, stoneloach, eels and dace

Teaching practice memories

A terrified teenager takes on a class full of children

The nude lady sketch

The social and sexual dilemmas of being the only male student in a life painting class


An old rant about our guardians of the countryside

The Amber Water

Not by me, but the work of MTW Dillon, a Bourne Grammar School student in the 1960s

Bourne & Stamford: essential tourist information

All you need to know: a brief history of two South Lincolnshire towns


I haven't the faintest idea what this is about: I think I wrote it when recovering from glandular fever


More nonsense

Tales from the dark side - the hallucinatory world of Greenback Estates